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Glendalough Accessibility Statement.

There are two accesses to the property:

  1. From Cromer Road there are 3 steps up to the house and access is via a passage at the side of the property. This passage is 2'1" (63cm) wide which is adequate for a pushchair but too narrow for a wide wheelchair.

  2. From the gravel car parking area to the rear of the property, across a gravel path and down 2 steps to the patio and house.

Inside the house the ground floor is mainly on the level although there is a small difference in levels between the kitchen and lobby leading into the dining room (about 2") and there is a slight slope between the dining room and lounge.

The upstairs bedrooms are accessed by a narrow staircase.There is a small difference in levels between the landing and the twin room (about 2").

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